Kinnegrip AB is the parent company and includes the sister companies Kinnegrip Srl and Sunlight AB. Subsidiary in Kinnegrip AB is Sunlight hotel Conference and Spa AB and AB Apell & Jansson. Subsidiary in Sunlight AB is Tändsticksfabrikens Fastighetsförvaltning AB and Smörsoppen Bygg AB.

Sunlight AB owns and manages real estate in central Nyköping. The company leases offices and business premises with a total area of 45,000 m2. As the largest tenant, there is Sunlight hotel Conference & Spa.


Kinnegrip - subsidiary
Sunlight hotel Conference & Spa AB operates hotel and recreation activities in Nyköping. The facility is housed in the old soap factory, which has now been converted into a high-class hotel with conference and fitness facilities.
Aktiebolaget Apell & Jansson is engaged in manufacturing of tools. Manufacturing takes place in the same property as the parent company Kinnegrip. In recent years, the company has invested in new production equipment to meet market demands.

Sunlight AB - subsidiary
Tändsticksfabrikens Fastighetsförvaltning AB owns and manages properties in central Lidköping of a total of 7 400 m2. The company leases offices, business and industrial premises.
Smörsoppen Bygg AB is a real estate company with rental properties in Lidköping. The property portfolio consists of five residential properties with a total of 60 apartments, as well as two properties with business and industrial premises.