Quality Policy

Our goal is that Kinnegrip's locking system should be the best choice for safe loading,
unloading and unloading of goods. We achieve it through continuous product development and
long-term financial thinking combined with responsiveness, flexibility and service. We strive
after continuous improvements, we regularly analyze our customers and others
stakeholder demands on the business and its development.

Customer fokus

Quality is a measure of our performance from a customer perspective. Kinnegrip's success is dependent of the ability to:

  • understand and satisfy our customers' needs
  • exceed customer expectations

In order to achieve this we must be better than our competitors. It in turn requires that we listen
Our customers, based on their requirements and views, are planning continuous and lasting improvements in
our business.


All Kinnegrip leaders demonstrate their commitment to quality by:

  • set clear goals, measure and follow up
  • give employees the potential to develop their skills, the ability to achieve their goals as well delegate powers and responsibilities
  • base actions on an overall view of the business and with a long-term perspective

All Kinnegrip employees and employees at suppliers and dealers:

  • engages in his own role to take responsibility for the quality of his work
  • have a clear picture of the desired results and the goals to be achieved
  • is expected to contribute actively, and in cooperation with others, to achieving the company's goals

Continious improvement

We map, document and improve our processes by:

  • strive to achieve maximum customer value and error-free products and services
  • determine, work towards and follow up our results against measurable process goals
  • compare ourselves with others and learn from the best


Kinnegrip's environmental policy is to create active environmental awareness with preventive measures in our daily work in the manufacture of tailgate systems. Our environmental commitment covers all employees.
The business is constantly working to meet the requirements of government and customers in terms of legislation, regulations and local regulations.
Our environmental impact is mainly in production, and our staff are therefore constantly seeking improvements that minimize the environmental impact of production and protect the environment. Our environmental work should lead to continuous improvements.

This means that:

  • We regularly acquire knowledge of environmental issues, laws and regulations, and we also carry out checks on low-level survival.
  • We are in dialogue with customers and other stakeholders to investigate requirements, shortcomings and needs, and ensure that they are met.
  • We work actively to establish environmental goals that can both improve the environment and provide better profitability.
  • We constantly work to reduce environmental impact by minimizing waste and source sorting of all types of waste that arise in the processes.
  • We work to increase staff awareness through information, education and clear routines.