Kinnegrips history

Göran Rosén started his career as a truck driver and realized early that it was necessary to simplify the tiresome work of handling the heavy truck drop side on a truck fleet. He discovered that it was impossible to combine a rational pallet transport with the truck width because it was the vehicle's outer dimensions that were counted, and trucks with external fittings made it possible.

Rosén therefore developed a completely new solution to the problem, a pillar with a built-in lock that could be handled from the ground without the driver having to climb the wheels and drop sides to get the drop side closed. He gave the product the name 'Kinnegrip' after Kinnekulle, a small mountain outside the town Lidköping . The Rosén idea became reality in June 1966 when the first drop side locks were launched. Today, Kinnegrip is one of the leading companies in the industry with a very strong brandname.

The company still manufactures locking systems for trucks. The operations are built around the founder and owner Göran Rosén's original idea of pillars for heavy vehicles, a product that he was the first in Europe to develop.

Kinnegrip export over 90% through retailers in European and Asian countries.

Kinnegrip currently has about 60 employees in the manufacturing unit located in Lidköping near Vänern.