T50 - Dropside lock light vehicles


T50 is a high quality dropside lock solution for flatbed constructions.

T50 is a smart and flexible locking system for light commercial vehicles and trailers. T50 is available at different drop side heights from 300 mm. T50 is avalible in aluminium which gives a low weight.  The dropside lock has built in safety features and is mounted directly on the dropside, creating an open and easily accessible load area with a focus on good functionality, a high level of personal safety and easy operation.

  • Light weight
  • Built-in security features
  • Easy adjustable for specific applicatons
  • Complete open load area
  • Easy handling
  • Structure for curtain possible with rear- and side pillar. 

T50 lock system consists of, Lock, Lock profile, Rear and Side pillar and Extended Lock profile for integration in front wall. 


The dropside lock is mounted directly on the dropsides, creating a complete open load area when the dropsides are folded down.


Il montante laterale T50 è assemblato in combinazione con 2 chiusure T50. Il montante laterale può essere facilmente rimosso creando un'area di carico completamente aperta. Può funzionare anche come separatore per creare diverse aree di carico. Possibilità di soluzioni centinate estendendo il montante posteriore.

T50 lock profile is avalible in extended heights for integration in frontwalls.


  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
  • T50 Accessories
  • 600